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Good morning!

Stranger in town

I suppose I am. I just moved here last night and I would like to set up a post office box

Well that's a possibility if this dang computer will cooperate

I could come back tomorrow. I don't want to
hold up the line.

If she won't work for you she won't work for the rest of em.
May as well wait and see. 



So...are you a crafter?

Actually yes, I'm working on a rug hooking project now. 

Yes by! Come down to the legion tonight at 7:00 and we'll make you a dozen new friends.

That sounds great! I don't know a soul here yet.
I'm Jane by the way.

Well howdy Jane. The name's Shirley. She's booting up here now, looks like you'll get your post office box after all. 

Thanks Shirley! I'll see you tonight!

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