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1. main (like a dinky mat) - mixed media drwings / photos images of 
- garbage (sm and lg) 
- erosion 
- petrified dog poop 
- dirty layered snow banks 
- tire scraps 
- ditches with collapsing culverts
- bump signs 
- tidy town sign 
- audio about fogo island litterbug. 
- transport truck
- paving truck with come home year branding 
- fox eating a bagel 
- robins drive thru 

2. Potholes - portals - underground dimension committed to unpaving pic gif cursors (change on objects) - audio? 

3. clickable to the beach 
- erosion 
- dead birds (birdemic) 
- dead seals the rocks around the seal 
- sea wall 
audio about the sea weed at the end of my driveway. stopped funding repairs. smell of tar and creosote.  

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